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A platform for the chemical industry.
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The perfect chemistry

The first step toward designing the UX for chemarc was to dive into analytics and user research to quickly validate assumptions.

The Chemarc project began with a lean UX approach. Lean UX aligns business strategy with lightweight design process through constant learning loops: build – measure – learn.

Chemarc - B2B Marketplace for Chemical Industry

Happy Journey

Making platform users happy is a critical part of the discussion.

Chemarc is positioned to play a role of an evangelist in indian chemical industry. We knew we are nudging the ship to a new direction, be it Product information with import export data, Company information, Chemical suppliers listings, Webinars, Messaging and Networking became a part of our daily conversations.


Prototype. Learn. Iterate.

Let’s collaborate and make a difference with our radically rapid approach to designing solutions the world needs today.

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