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humanizing experiences

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by design

We are a human-centered product strategy and design firm committed to boost startups, SMEs and Enterprises by leap forwarding in to the future.

We craft digital products and experiences, rapid prototype and test early with real users, which helps improve product/market fit.

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Design Sprint 2.0


Our customers love what we do

marketsmojo logo

“Their knowledge and understanding of the UX and behavior space impressed us. Also, the willingness to try new innovation in user behaviour was the reason we found them a perfect fit. Marketmojo was nominated for the FinovateAsia and Finovate Europe awards for being a pioneer in the fintech space.”
Ansha Fernandes
Ansha Fernandes
Chief Product Officer,

chemarc logo

“Silverscoop’s work resulted in a notable increase in traffic and another win was our subscription increased, within 3 months more than 500 customers were onboarded. Coming up with a range of creative and inventive ideas, the team designed the experience and the interface with the users in mind. ”
Aashish Bari
Aashish Bari
Former Product Head, Chemarc logo

“Delivers right, delivers on time. The UX feels fabulous, It clearly reflects team’s passion in delivering world-class user experience. It’s rare to find a Product/UX professional with so much depth and immense business acumen. Being a business and outcome focused professional, you get way more than your initial specs.”
Mahavir Chopra
Mahavir Chopra
Founder, Beshak


Experience design

taketheleap initiative is designed to deliver tangible results through time-boxed engagements, to let startups define Product, UX, and UI roadmap.

Our Capabilities

  • Design Systems
  • Product Strategy
  • Product/UX/UI Design
  • User Research
  • Usability Test
  • MVP and Dev. Support
  • GTM Strategy & Execution

Let's get started

A fresh wave of UX/UI design trends in 2023

Let’s try to understand how the user experience design may unfold in the future. Next generation design tools powered by AI can be game changers.

Here is what we feel is in store: Improved Comfort, Augmented Reality Glasses, Skeuomorphism and Flat UI continuers, Neumorphism is a fresh take at making experiences realistic yet unique, Type Designs and Large Images, Voice User Interface and lot more.

Train - Solve problem by design

Solve real-life problem, by design

Customers buy products that solve a problem for them or help them achieve a specific task easily. They find the product valuable, only if the product is solving a specific problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product must be a critical need to them, but could also mean they just need it to boost their self-esteem, for instance buying luxury products to look superior to peers, etc. Different emotions drive different product buying decisions for people.